Chris came immediately.  He practically seized up, shooting his own load deep into Marina’s bimbo pussy.  The excitement and the intensity of his orgasm, combined with the intense effort he exerted fucking Marina left him spent.  He fell back onto the living room floor, gasping for breath.  Chris fell asleep as Marina and Richard cleaned up his massive load.Chris awoke about an hour later.  He was still in the living room, but now he was alone.  It sounded like a freight train was coming through the apartment.  The walls were shaking and Marina was screaming obscenities from the bedroom.Chris staggered into the bedroom.  He was still naked and his cock was suddenly hard again.  He watched as Richard pounded away at his fiancee on their bed.  Richard was driving in and out of her like a jackhammer.  Marina had her plump white ass high in the sky for Richard.  She was clawing at the bed sheets and screaming wildly as Richard mercilessly fucked her from behind.  Suddenly, Marina stopped.  Just as before, her face was frozen in a scream, but nothing came out.